Gymstarz Elite Tuition Rates

Sibling's recieve a 20% off tuition for each additional child.

Parent-Tot Classes
$32.00 /month
Pre-School Class
$41.00 /month

1 Hour a Week
$49.00 /month
2 Hours a Week
$74.00 /month
3 Hours a Week
$86.00 /month
4 Hours a Week
$102.00 /month
5 Hours a Week
$112.00 /month

6 Hours a Week
$124.00 /month
7 Hours a Week
$134.00 /month
8 Hours a Week
$144.00 /month

Competitve Girls Level 3 & 4
Competition Leotard, Drawstring Bag, Jacket, Capris and Hair Tie. Competition fees will be due no later then April 1st.

Competition Leotard, Duffel Bag, Warm Up Leo., Shorts, Jacket, Capris & Hair Tie Due November 1st.

Work Out Class
$5.00 /per class or $29.99 a month
$5.00 /per class or $20 a month

What Our Members Are Saying

  • Gymstarz is an amazing facility. My kids started when they were beginners and now my oldest is part of the competitive team! The coaches are amazing and provide great technique, form, love and encouragement to all students! My kids are excited to go to class! Susan Simono
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